Make A Change

Make a Change!

April 21, 2018 

For years, the Great Cloth Diaper Change event has been organized by a U.S. based non-profit organization, the Real Diaper Association. RDA worked tirelessly to promote the use of sustainable cloth diapers, and support families in their choice to use cloth for their babies. It is time however for the Real Diaper Association to close.

Many of our wonderful GCDC Hosts have asked us to keep this event alive, and in that spirit, we have passed on the organizing of the GCDC to a group of veteran GCDC Hosts who will work to keep the event running.

This means that you CAN still register to host your own local event in 2018. We recommend you keep it simple, connect with your local community and support families who are using, or thinking of using, cloth diapers. The spirit of the Great Cloth Diaper Change is in face to face connection and community building. We trust that our wonderful GCDC Hosts can continue to spread the cloth diaper love far and wide.

The only way to change a diaper is one baby at a time!

Panama Great Cloth Diaper Change 2017

GCDC 2017

On April 22, 2017, thousands of participants joined together to promote the use of cloth diapers at 179 registered GCDC events, located in 18 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Finland, Great Britain, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Panama, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, South Africa and the United States.

The officially confirmed event total was 3,089 participant pairs. We know that thousands more individuals were reached with our message that cloth diapers are a reasonable and accessible diapering choice for today’s families.